Gearing Up For 2008, 20 Years

02/23/08, with Jami Stoen and Brandon Stoen - Hello fans, friends, and sponsors! Well, 2008 is here and Stoen Racing is preparing for an exciting season of drag racing. It's certainly been busy around here, and we must admit that we've been slacking a bit on the website updates. However, we're back to get you fully updated with every detail!

If you can't already tell, this is Jami Stoen and Brandon Stoen writing this article. Blogging seems to be the cool thing to do these days, so we're giving it a shot. Therefore, excuse us for any bad grammar, etc. Anyway, probably the most exciting project for Stoen Racing this winter has been the completion of our new race shop. As you can see in the photos, we're fortunate to be a bit spoiled with this very comfortable new place to work on the dragsters. Also, as you can tell by the photos, we're right in the middle of our rebuilding process for both dragsters. Everything is pretty much taken apart and put back together every winter. So what's new with the dragsters? Well, Jami and Sput have again done their part with the engines at Sput's Racing Engines. We have just one engine left to dyno. Our engine is already in the dragster frame rails awaiting a fresh transmission. We'll post a movie of that dyno session soon. As always, we've made a few changes to each of the engines that we're very excited about. Sorry, no horsepower secrets being told here! Brandon has been working on a new t-shirt design with the apparel guy. Should be very cool. He will also be working on our 2008 schedule and other updates for the website soon.

Oh yeah, what about that 20 years? Yes, this season will be 20 years for Stoen Racing. It's been quite the adventure, but us kids growing up would have never wanted it any other way. We'll touch on this more throughout the season. For now, we have that new transmission to put in!