New Dragster Likes The Heat, First Win In Iowa

07/30/06, Earlville, IA - After a short summer break, the Stoen family returned to racing action in Iowa. On one of the warmest days of the year, Stoen Racing was fortunate enough to make some headway at Tri-State Raceway. The Stoen Boyz, Jami and Brandon, debuted a slightly new combination, and were able to claim the second qualifying position. Roger and Joan qualified near the middle of the pack in the fifth position. In the first round, Jami and Dennis Schewe went to battle. Jami won this round, but would bow out in the second round of this event. Roger's new Racecraft dragster proved it's consistency in the heat, and defeated three rounds of dragsters to move onto the final. It was a well deserved win for Roger and Joan, as they defeated Larry Demers by running dead on their 7.73 dial in.